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Website Services- Flavor 360 an R&D platform to collaborate with your global Food and Beverage Team

Flavor360 is an “Research & Development (R & D) platform to collaborate with your global Food & Beverage (F&B) innovation team to save time, improve data quality, and capture their tribal knowledge into one database. Flavor 360 EXPLORE is an ideal program for Marketers, R&D Chefs, Product Developers, and Food Scientists in the F & B industry”. You can like and comment on any of the experiences that are created within your organization, and also choose to share specific ones with certain people.

My first impression of the software was that it was well thought out but was hard to interpret without any training. Luckily, with Flavor360 they make sure that you get any and all the necessary training for both the mobile device and website required to put together R&D experiences for your F&B innovation team. Their customer service was excellent and thorough. No matter which way I contacted them I normally got a response within 24 hours. After being trained on the software, you can work with the developers to narrow down or customize certain experiences you would like to have available for any of your R&D needs. They understand that not every company will operate the same and will have different needs for their operation. They have also taken into consideration any photos/videos taken through the software are saved onto the program’s cloud storage which is currently unlimited. But also saves the photos in your device’s photo application, allowing you to easily upload and/or send files to others through the program or your device. The Flavor360 team is also constantly finding ways to make the program better and are open to suggestions to create a better interface for the client. Each experience has several sections that you can customize the information you would like to add, i.e. Ingredients, Techniques, Presentation, and Evaluation. To do so, simply click on the section to expand it. Lastly, Flavor360 EXPLORE makes searching for a specific experience through the website very easy. If you only want to see the quick culinary capture experiences that you rated an 8 within the past month simply select the criteria that you wish to see and the program will narrow down exactly what you are looking for. You can also use the tagging option to search for specific keywords mentioned in the experiment.

As of November 30, 2020, Flavor360 EXPLORE came out with their most updated version (V 8.7.179) which has implemented the following improvements: Optimized performance and loading speed, experience drill-down interface, implemented “Like/Unlike” feature on Experiences/Media reports, reorder  (re-organize) media sequence within the same section, and setting a primary photo (cover thumbnail) in experience drill down.

Overall, this program exceeded my expectations. It made things so much easier to keep track of what was done, share information, and communicate on things related to the project. Flavor360 EXPLORE would be a great addition for anyone doing R&D in the F&B industry. These are only a few of the features that Flavor360 EXPLORE has to offer if you would like to experience it for yourself and learn more about the program, check out their website at

This unbiased review was written by Jamie Rae Saranghilo Lee, a food enthusiast, chef and blogger (and soon to be a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN)). For more of her writings, recipes check out her website

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