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Zellee Organic


Zellee’s founder came to A La Carte Connections with the goal of recreating her favorite childhood snack in Japan, a gelled fruit pouch. She wanted her version to be allergen free, certified organic and plant-based. The challenge was that gelled fruit snack in a pouch was not something made in the U.S. Both the concept and the process of making pouches were very new, and co-packers were far and few. Plant-based gels are also very delicate compared to gelatin gels, and the fruit acidity plus heat had to be just right to maintain optimal quality!


A La Carte Connections first helped Zellee create certified organic flavor profiles using a combination of organic fruits and flavors. Sugar was kept at a low level and only came from the juice itself (no added sugars). Konjac, a plant based gelling ingredient from the Konjac root was used to give it just the right texture. Co-packers were vetted and tested to make sure they could make this product consistently and accurately without overheating the product.


Zellee is a success and is currently sold in stores across the U.S. and on Amazon. It took years of hard work to ensure we had the right formula and right co-packer partner for long term success

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