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Do you have a great Food Product idea you want to bring to market but need some technical guidance? You’ve come to the right space!

Bringing a food product to market is not intuitive! There are lots of moving parts including creating a prototype, sourcing ingredients, finding a co-packer, scaling up, food safety and more. We are here to help!

Bringing Food Products To Market Is Not Intuitive!

You have your great food idea, you have designed a label and have a marketing plan-you have done everything BUT the actual product creation! You may be ready to bring on the food scientists.

The Food Business Toolkit for Entrepreneurs” outlines all the details from food safety risks to working with co-packers. This guide has helped others and it can help you too! From finding a co-packer to understanding shelf-life and all the science steps in between! Let us bring you up to speed on how its done and the order in which it all should happen.

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Free Resource Library for Entrepreneurs

If you are new to the food industry, please check out the library of free downloadable resources that have been created to help you better understand how the food industry works. See Library Details Here.

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We provide a range of services for new and established businesses.

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