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Customizing Premixed Dietary Blends for New Functional Formulations 4.2023

Proactive and preventive premixes, typically found in supplements, are becoming more common in finished food products like nutrition bars and snacks

Premixed dietary blends that include vitamins, minerals, nutritional lipids, probiotics, prebiotics and other proprietary ingredients are becoming more customized. The latest trend is to formulate them toward supporting both the preventative and proactive needs of various consumer categories.  Proactive and preventive premixes are often found in drink mixes or supplements, but they have been appearing more regularly in finished consumed food products, like nutrition bars and snacks. While the origins of fortification were to improve existing micronutrient deficiencies in humans, such as vitamin D in milk and folate in cereals, today’s fortifications typically go beyond the level of merely forestalling deficiencies.

Today’s suppliers do more than simply mix a formulation to the customer’s request; they offer guidance and expertise, typically staffing nutritionists, biochemists, and medical experts, as well as experts on regulations. They realize that often the company ordering a premix might not have the knowledge or in-house experience to create a safe and effective blend that includes the appropriate amounts and delivered bioavailability for each vitamin, mineral, or other component.

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