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How To Write A Foolproof Medibles Recipe (aka “Formulation”)

In the “Medibles” world—accuracy is very important. You need every piece of brownie or chocolate to be the same size and weight – as well having consistent amounts of active medicine inside. I often get calls from small food companies asking me how they can scale up their recipe to an industrial size. Clients will often ask, “I measure my liquids with a measuring cup and I use teaspoons to weight out my salt and sugar- is that ok??”

I answer NO!! A recipe and a formula are not really the same thing (although they are often used interchangeably) – a recipe is what you make in your house, and record your amounts in cups, tablespoons and pinches. A formula is how a professional food maker will document your information and is based on pounds, kilograms, grams and other weight measurements. These weights are then converted to percentages so any amount or batch size can be made on those confirmed percentages.

This means that if you have 2 cups of water in your recipe, you have to weigh it out—and 2 cups of honey will not weigh the same amount as that water, and a cup of corn syrup will also have a different weight. This is because all these ingredients have different densities. The density of water is 1 gram per 1 ml (volume) but the density of honey is about 1.4 gram per 1 ml (volume) and different types of honey even have different densities!

Here is a sample of a simple conversion of a homemade recipe to a professional industrial formulation…

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