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If you are new to the food industry you probably have lots of questions related to bringing a food product to market.

These resources have been carefully written to give you early stage guidance on bringing food products to market.
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Bringing Food Products To Market Is Not Intuitive!

What IS that first step in bringing your food product to market??  Here is a hint, It’s not start in your garage. “Food Tech” is not the same as other “Tech” and the rules of this game are completely different.

Learn the secrets and intricate details of the food industry that were formerly only available to industry professionals! My best selling E-book “The Food Business Toolkit for Entrepreneurs” Outlines all the details from food safety risks to working with co-packers. This guide has helped others and it can help you too!

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Not quite ready to jump in? Each of these publications come with the option to purchase a 1:1 discounted consultation with A La Carte Connections food scientist, Rachel Zemser. Click each publication for more info and purchase options.  Printed copies and the Audio version are sold exclusively on amazon.
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    U.S. Food Sci Departments and Their Pilot Plant Facilities

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  • How to Research, Develop, and Produce a Nutrition Bar

  • The Food Business Toolkit


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If you are new to the food industry, please check out the library of free downloadable resources that have been created to help you better understand how the food industry works. See Library Details Here.

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